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What’s that Sound?

It’s cloudy, this evening. The sky is a comforting periwinkle, that I remember so well from when I commuted to the New York City yoga studio in the pre-dawn. I know this shade is not affected, here, by the recent fire that made my quiet street feel, again, like that city I left behind. But…

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Lyrics, or Tempo?

In those days, my pulse quickened like the beat of that song I used to listen to on cassette tape, no less. Energy bubbled through my veins and around the room where I knew you and I and he and she and they would be, the entire phenomenon as surprising and as touching as the…

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Sounding Out Layers.

Patterns. I hear patterns. There’s the mess of too much chart music played at full volume from three different shops and two different bars, punctuated by an alarm ringing somewhere. It’s over stimulation at it’s finest. It’s too much noise, forcing people to hurry up and wait because they can’t leave and they can’t go…

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