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Winter and Spring.

When it was Winter, my hands were cold, by my heart was warm. Now it is spring, my heart is warm, but I still can’t feel my fingertips. I’ve never noticed this season’s ethereal vibrancy before, but it’s ubiquitous and charming in its romantic innocence. Actually, no, the flowers and the trees are far from…

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Lyrics, or Tempo?

In those days, my pulse quickened like the beat of that song I used to listen to on cassette tape, no less. Energy bubbled through my veins and around the room where I knew you and I and he and she and they would be, the entire phenomenon as surprising and as touching as the…

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Falling Leaves

That first breath of air leaving the NJ Transit car, the first time I can really smell the greenery, and that first look at a canopy of trees are things I ignored or dismissed for years. Coming to my parents house was coming to a place to which I was attached, yet a stranger. I…

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