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In Reality

If there is silence, it means that nothing is being said, because words are superfluous. If there is meaning, true significance, then it means an idea has been discussed and understood, profoundly. If there is honesty in raw emotion, it means that it is shared, and that deep down, pounding red heart of a core…

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What’s that Sound?

It’s cloudy, this evening. The sky is a comforting periwinkle, that I remember so well from when I commuted to the New York City yoga studio in the pre-dawn. I know this shade is not affected, here, by the recent fire that made my quiet street feel, again, like that city I left behind. But…

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Winter and Spring.

When it was Winter, my hands were cold, by my heart was warm. Now it is spring, my heart is warm, but I still can’t feel my fingertips. I’ve never noticed this season’s ethereal vibrancy before, but it’s ubiquitous and charming in its romantic innocence. Actually, no, the flowers and the trees are far from…

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