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Dreaming of Tornadoes

Rejected from three different publications, I decided to publish here. Oh well! I dreamt about the tornadoes the other night again. This used to be my mom’s dream, her nightmare. She told me about it once. I know I haven’t taken over her dream, but I don’t know what is making the winds in my…

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Just a Dream (?)

She was walking with the others called to march up the stairs to sky-high blue seating, industrial and unapologetic in its upholstered shroud. Everything was the same dirty water shade of blue, and under her feet the hastily prepared metal steps sounded their alarm. This meeting was not normal. This day was not normal. She…

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Teaching Yoga to Heal

We all have goals. We all want to be able to achieve something significant in life. We all need help, sometimes. For me, this help has to be financial. I have been struggling in New York City for nearly four years, lost my job, found a new job, used up my savings to exist, moved…

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