Tag: Autumn

Sounding Out Layers.

Patterns. I hear patterns. There’s the mess of too much chart music played at full volume from three different shops and two different bars, punctuated by an alarm ringing somewhere. It’s over stimulation at it’s finest. It’s too much noise, forcing people to hurry up and wait because they can’t leave and they can’t go…

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Falling Leaves

That first breath of air leaving the NJ Transit car, the first time I can really smell the greenery, and that first look at a canopy of trees are things I ignored or dismissed for years. Coming to my parents house was coming to a place to which I was attached, yet a stranger. I…

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It’s one of those days when I feel a little sad, but for no discernible reason. The tangy chill of autumn was in the air; I wore two long-sleeved shirts when I set out on my walk and kept them both on until I was well past three miles. The breeze from the water –…

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