Past work

I am a freelance writer. I specialize in online content, blog posts, news and magazine articles, creative nonfiction.

I write about that which cannot be retained. (Or maybe this is a form of retention.)

I welcome the opportunity to collaborate. I welcome criticism and accolades. But I don’t need these things. I don’t need them at all.

Please email me at

Local Journalism
The Erie Reader

Marketing, Startups and Business
Blog Posts: General Assembly

Creative Nonfiction
Literary Journal: The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review

Artist Feature/Pre-Event Article: Jennifer Baron, The Garment District Pittsburgh City Paper
Live Review:Iron and Wine/Ben Bridewell, Pittsburgh City Paper
Live Review: Palma Violets, Pittsburgh City Paper
CD Reviews and Features:
CD Reviews:
The Boston Phoenix
Feature: Passion Pit, Paste Magazine

Article: On Aerial Yoga, Yoganonymous
Blog Post: Just a Pack

Food and Drink
Features, Conference Reports: and Beverage Spectrum Magazine

Life and Relationships
Personal Essays: Hello Giggles
Blog post: Just a Pack

Commercial Real Estate and Architecture Blog and Articles
Bisnow Articles, Listicles and Conference Preview Pieces


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