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Untitled #412

It was always a golden city, even before I learned exactly what Black and Gold meant and why the sports fans were as crazed as in Boston. It was a golden city because each time I would be bleary eyed and exhausted, the sunlight would illuminate the staggered and defiant skyline for a second sunrise,…

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Starman, Stardust, Starlight

We’re floating above planet Earth, spacesuit making limbs heavy and bulky. We bounce because in our 10-year-old imaginations, that’s how spacemen walk. Like the Michelin Man, all heavy and limbs and awkwardness. “Ground Control to Major Tom.” Bounce, float, we imagine leaving the capsule because it’s drama class time and we’re imagining we’re in space.…

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Sunlight. Sunset. Sunwarmth.

Warm sun, warm lights in the trees as sunbeams hit the yellow leaves. A welcome breeze, some cool shade. The sound of bus brakes screeching past, the characteristic university building illuminated from one side. Perhaps that is why they built it in the space they did, so that in the fall it would shine as…

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