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“I didn’t need these things. I didn’t need them.”

The Circle

I’ll tell you a story. I remember it from when I was young: “Ring a ring of rosies, a pocket full of…” Oh, child, there’s a ring around the world. You can’t see it, we think we can feel it, but really, it’s not going to touch you. At least that’s the hope. There are…

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Springtime, for…(?)

Springtime, again. Technically, spring started back in March, like it did when I was a kid in England. The daffodils bloomed too early, now there is pollen everywhere, and it gets through the cracks in the windows. I had to wipe off my iPad this morning before I turned on the radio. Because now we…

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Characters at the Airport Bar

She’s drinking Chandon at 7:22 a.m. Pulling at an earring while starting into space, she’s not just sipping from her glass, she’s taking large gulps. A secret drinker, frightened flyer, or off somewhere for the weekend, it’s impossible to tell. She takes the check, signs quickly and puts her purse straight back in her bag.…

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Speaking of Falling Stars

There were two stars in the sky, one twinkled, and the other fell. She spent hours following the falling star’s almost imperceptible trajectory across the sky with her eyes. She wanted to try and figure out where it could possibly land. Through darkness and into timid morning light, she waited. Her hands were outstretched, her…

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The Feeling of Words

I have left my words in many places all over the world. In reality, I know that the places I have visited do not constitute a global trip – merely a few thousand miles – but its further that some places that other people have gone. I’ve written on laptops in airports, on buses, sat…

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I will always be a runner

I don’t believe in the merits of constant motion, as one needs to settle into oneself in order to exist, set down roots, and build a home. Yet I do love travel. I adore running. And I think that with the right amount of balance, and of course, attention to limbs and feet and the…

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Existential Notetaking

I thought of the northern lights and how everyone wants to go see them someday. I don’t know if it’s in my destiny to witness an illusion – if that is what it is – but I don’t know everything and I am open to the experience. Choosing to return to the present, and the…

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So *this* is the new year

There’s a bruise on the part of my chest where, technically, my heart is located; I wasn’t paying attention, naturally, and walked into something. The mark will fade, strange as though it may look, and everything will carry on because everything has to carry on. That’s the only way. I’m trying better habits, watching the…

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Of Champagne Corks and Feelings

When I’m feeling centered I think “Everything will be ok.” When I’m feeling less than, that is when the fear will creep in. I’m not talking about a paralyzing anxiety, just this nagging, niggling presence that brings a little bit of terror into the part of my body where my heart is located. You can feel…

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