My designs keep crashing down.
In all of them, wilderness, despite the mindful construction and the
Music, which is being piped in these days, to the
Still-standing structures
And the sound is what I would call deafening
But why do they erode? Why do they lose their strength?
I have been trying to make excuses, blaming the weather, the indulgent
Style of work that allows for yawns of time.
But really, the fault is with the designer because
Is capturing the true thought and detail
Ensuring that the canned air and artificial tinny jazz
Creates teardrops
Not handshakes. Not hugs. Not connection.
So my writing implement is poised again above space
The lines blur, below (again) from emotional vibrations
Which are leading to inaction, rather than movement and
The same loop, the same sound reverberating
Over and over.

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