If there is silence, it means that nothing is being said, because words are superfluous.
If there is meaning, true significance, then it means an idea has been discussed and understood, profoundly.
If there is honesty in raw emotion, it means that it is shared, and that deep down, pounding red heart of a core was forever changed because it accepted and embraced reciprocation.

When the self loses its connection to this true depth, it is due to banality and mundane.
When growth ceases, it is due to the scientific fact that plants cannot thrive without sunshine.
When existence looks grey, it is because the ears forgot to listen to the music, and instead chose to heed the voices which accomplish and achieve nothing.

In reality, the sun shines in the gaps between the everyday, because that is where truth exists.
In reality, there is constant learning, experiencing and exquisite endlessness, despite no words being exchanged.
In reality, a circle of two extends arms to two more, continuing the dance because at the core two heart’s beats found a matching rhythm in one another.

In reality, it is.

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