We all have goals. We all want to be able to achieve something significant in life. We all need help, sometimes. For me, this help has to be financial. I have been struggling in New York City for nearly four years, lost my job, found a new job, used up my savings to exist, moved twice and live as independently as I am able.

However, I need a second chance. 

Anyone who has read my blog knows that I am a writer and have been since I was 11 years old – technically! I started writing journals, detailing what now seems to be the most ridiculous day-to-day activities. But that matters not: I wrote. I am preparing to self-publish my first book of essays, not able to afford an agent or publicist.

And then this year, yoga became a major part of my life. As I explain here, I may not be on the same track as many of my friends and family – partner, kids, settled life, house, career – but I had the gift of time to put myself back together again. This was a long time coming, but I needed the time and the space away from work to realize it and change. It lead to a work/study position at my local studio and the understanding that I wanted to, eventually, become a yoga teacher myself to enable others to help themselves.

At this point in my life, doing this has become a fundamental part of who I am.

Not only to I want to assist people struggling with depression and anxiety, but I want to be able to offer yoga classes for older people, for office workers stuck and uncomfortable at their desks, and for runners – to remind them to realign and to strengthen their arms and core in order to remain injury free.

However, to make all of this a reality, I need help. I created my campaign on Indiegogo called “Be Whoever You Are: Teaching Yoga to Heal.” You can read about it here and I hope you strongly consider donating or at least sharing this link.

I hope for a chance to make my life the way I want it to be, and something as base as finances should not be such a factor, controlling everything. 

Thanks for your time, you support and your interest. I hope I can make this work.


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